SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ features 2 tape tabs, a soft top sheet, super-absorbent polymer for moderate absorbency and high performance blue dryness strip for added comfort and protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What is 3D™? 3D™ is Kendall's newest technologies in adult briefs. Combining advanced design and development elements, Kendall's 3D™ provides a dignified solution for incontinence care.
What are some of the most notable characteristics of SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™? SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ uses the UNI-TAB™ fastening system, with one oversized tab per side for easy on/off handling. SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™'s CCF™ (Customized Comfort Fit) provides a higher leg cut-out, that improves fit and ensures more skin is exposed for greater air contact. SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™'s ACM™ (Anatomically Contoured Mat) offers improved fluid management, keeping skin drier and resulting in improved outcomes.
When should SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ be recommened? SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ provides outstanding performance at a mid-tier price, and is a great option for any facility. SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ provides outstanding fluid management capabilities, keeps the skin dry, and reduces odor.
How many sizes is SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ available in? SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ is available in size Medium (32" - 44"), size Large (45" - 58") and size XLarge (59" - 64").