Kangaroo™ DEHP-Free Enteral Feeding Pump Sets with Anti-Free Flow (AFF)

The Kangaroo™ DEHP-Free enteral feeding pump set incorporates both the Anti-Free Flow safety feature as well as an advanced PVC material. This PVC material eliminates the use of the compound/chemical DEHP. This material provides the same durability and performance of standard PVC, but without the use of potentially dangerous DEHP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What does Anti-Free Flow mean? Anti-Free Flow means that the pump sets have a mechanism that will stop the flow of nutrition or water if the pump set is dislodged from the enteral feeding pump.
Do all DEHP-Free Enteral Feeding Pump Sets have the Anti-Free Flow Feature? No, all DEHP-Free Pump Sets do not offer the Anti-Free Flow Feature. Some Enteral Feeding Pump sets offer one or the other; some offer neither.
What is DEHP? DEHP is Di-ethylhexyl phthalate. It is a plasticizer that is used to soften plastic. The FDA has recently warned that DEHP may be dangerous to infants.
Are all Covidien Pump sets DEHP-Free? Covidien offers the widest selection of Pump Sets that are DEHP-Free.