Genius™ 2 Tympanic Thermometer

The Genius™ 2 thermometer uses its proprietary Peak Select System technology to determine the body's accurate temperature directly from the tympanic membrane. Count on Genius™ 2 thermometer to deliver an accurate temperature while saving staff time, minimizing infection control concerns and ultimately paving the way for better patient care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What is the tympanic membrane? The tympanic membrane is the closest membrane to, and shares blood flow with, the hypothalamus (the body's thermostat). The temperature from this membrane provides one of the closest predictors to the body's core temperature.
What is tympanic thermometry? Tympanic infrared thermometry uses the heat from the tympanic membrane as the basis for the temperature measurement.
Is tympanic thermometry accurate? Research shows that the tympanic membrane has an almost 1:1 relationship of infrared emission to true temperature, and as such, is an excellent approximation of core temperature because of the blood supply that it shares with the hypothalamus.
Will a dirty probe lens affect a temperature reading? If the lens of the thermometer has collected dust, fingerprints or ear wax, the temperature reading will be affected (lower readings).
Will ear wax affect the accuracy of a tympanic temperature reading? Ear wax is translucent to infrared energy so moderate amounts of wax do not affect measurement accuracy. However, an ear wax impaction (block of wax) may trap dirt or debris which could result in a lower temperature reading.
What is the Peak Select System™? The Genius™ 2 Peak Select System is a technology that records and analyzes up to 100 separate measurements and selects the highest, most accurate temperature in less than 2 seconds.
What is the definition of core body temperature? Core body temperature is the temperature measurement that is considered the "TRUE" temperature of the body. The core body temperature is least impacted by external factors such as the environment.
What is the conversion formula for Celsius to Fahrenheit? C° = F° - 32 x 5/9
What is the conversion formula for Fahrenheit to Celsius? F° = C° x 9/5 + 32
What is normal body temperature? Normal Body Temperature Range: Core body temperature ranges from 97.5F°-99.1F°; Pyrexia (FEVER): Core body temperature is greater than 100; High Grade Fever: Core body temperature is greater than 102.9F°; Hypothermia: Core body temperature is greater than 107.6F° and the patient is at risk of severe neurological damage.
What is the drawdown effect? Taking repeated temperatures at the same body body site within a short period of time will result in subsequent lower temperature readings (0.2°-0.3F°).
Can generic probe covers be used on Genius™ 2 thermometers? The use of unauthorized probe covers will jeopardize the accuracy of all Genius™ 2 thermometers.
What is AccuSystem™? Look for the AccuSytem™ stamp of approval on your products to guarantee that your thermometer and probe covers will deliver an accurate temperature each time. The accuracy of Genius™ 2 thermometers is determined by the thermometer design, controlled calibration methods and stringent manufacturing controls. One of the most critical functional parts of each thermometer is the probe cover. The probe cover serves as an infection control barrier between the patient and the device, and the medium for heat transmission from the patient to the thermometer. The functionality of the probe cover is extremely important for preventing device contamination and also for allowing accurate patient temperature.