Genius™ 2 Tympanic Thermometer

The Genius™ 2 thermometer uses its proprietary Peak Select System technology to determine the body's accurate temperature directly from the tympanic membrane. Count on Genius™ 2 thermometer to deliver an accurate temperature while saving staff time, minimizing infection control concerns and ultimately paving the way for better patient care.

Tympanic Thermometer Comparison

Feature Genius™ Thermometer Genius™ 2 Thermometer
Programmable Display 3 Oral/Rectal/Core 5 Oral/Rectal/Core/ Axillary/Ear
Measurement Response Time 1-2 seconds 1-2 seconds
Peak Select System 32 total (16 pre measurement and 16 post measurement) 100 (up to 88 pre measurement and 12 post measurement). Improved reliability, repeatability and accuracy.
Menu Prompt System Yes Yes
F/C Conversion Yes Yes (easier to locate and convert)
Probe Tip Plastic Construction Durable Metal - improves durability and reduces repairs
Sensor Technology T-Pile with Gold Tube T-Pile Tip based sensor: Improves durability and minimizes the need for recalibration
Real Time Temps Yes Yes
Tapered Probe Design No Yes - smaller tapered tip (2/3 size of current tip) for patient comfort and pediatric use. Reduces technique errors.
Pulse Timer Yes Yes - Easier to locate and operate
No Touch Probe Cover Eject Yes Yes
Battery Life 5000 (9V Battery) 15,000 (3 AA Batteries)
Calibrator Field Calibrator Field Calibrator
Accuracy +/- 0.1°C (36.7 - 38.9) +/- 0.1°C (36.7 - 38.9)
Ambient Operating Range 16°C - 35°C 16°C - 33°C
Probe Cover Storage 21 32 (two cassettes of 16)
Quick Load Probe Cover Design No Yes
ASTM and CEN Compliant No Yes - First Tympanic thermometer to meet both industry standards
FAC System (Fast Ambient Change) No Yes - adapts to the new environment to provide quick accurate temperatures.
Ambidextrous Handle Design No Yes
Large Display Screen Yes Yes