Devon™ Hands-Free Transfer Products

These disposable magnetic drapes and safety products are specifically designed to attract and hold surgical instruments on the sterile field. These products help minimize the risk of percutaneous injuries. They provide for safe, effective instrument transfer in the Operating Room. Patented "stays" can be shaped to form a "safety trough" along the edges. The kidney shaped basins and rectangular trays attach easily to the drapes.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Flexible drapes with non-slip foam backing Conform to any shape for secure positioning
Raised magnets Strong holding power also allows instruments to be grasped easily
Patented "stays" in some models Allows the formation of a "safety trough" along the edges
"Neutral Zone" in some models Convenient non-magnetic area to hold or safely transfer sharp instruments
Basins and trays also available Secure fit to magnetic drapes to allow for greater functionality