Argyle™ Vascular Tourniquet Kit

The Argyle™ vascular tourniquet kit is a sterile, single use, disposable kit containing all necessary components to snare and secure catheters, cannulas and vascular shunts in place in the surgical field. The kit contains a red rubber sheath and plug, an obturator and umbilical tape.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Complete, packaged sterile Ready to use. No assembly, preparation or sterilization required.
Obturator Versatile, effective and easy to use. Grasps umbilical tape and silicone loops.
Retaining plug Replaces hemostats which clutter field.
Sheath Eliminates the need for cutting and sterilizing red rubber catheter segments.
Sheath croppability The sheath can be cut to further reduce clutter in the surgical field.