Sharps-A-Gator™ Safety In Room Sharps Containers

The Sharps-A-Gator™ Safety In Room Sharps Disposal Containers feature a counterbalance door design that allows for the efficient disposal of devices of varying sizes, from a lightweight sharps to a 60cc syringe. The recommended fill line is easily visible, and the "FULL" indicator signals when the container's capacity has been reached.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Counter-balanced door design Allows easy one-handed disposal of sharps
Wide opening Accomodates larger sharps devices
"FULL" indicator. Signals when container's capacity is reached to prevent overfilling
Forced horizontal drop-in system Maximizes container capacity
Locking tabs Lock container for final disposal while keeping hands away from contents
Restricts hand accesibility Prevents access to container contents
Angled lid Prevents objects from being placed on top of container
Wall Cabinets available Provide extra barrier of protection
Complete line of brackets and holders. Maintain containers upright throughout use