SWAN NECK™ Presternal Peritoneal Catheters

SWAN NECK™ Presternal Peritoneal Catheters are differentiated from other catheters by the presternal (upper) segment of this catheter that is tunneled into the subcutaneous tissue of the chest wall. The upper segment connects with the intraperitoneal (lower) segment by a double-barbed titanium connector. Both the presternal and intraperitoneal segments can be trimmed in order to custom fit the patient. The intraperitoneal segment is a variation of the Missouri catheter. The pre-formed 180° angle is designed to keep both the internal and external portions of the catheter positioned downward. They are intended to keep the internal portion from migrating out of position and to decrease stress on the exit site by the external portion, which often occurs when a straight catheter is manually curved during placement. The SWAN NECK™ Presternal Peritoneal Catheter is indicated for patients with a more active lifestyle. As the exit site is located on the upper chest wall instead of at the belt line, this catheter is ideal for those patients who enjoy wading in a pool or soaking in a tub. This catheter is also ideal for obese patients who may have difficulty manipulating a catheter at the belt line and incontinent patients.

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