IN-ROOM™ System with SHARPSTAR™ Lift Assisted Lid

The SHARPSTAR™ family of containers is engineered with controls to prevent overfilling and limit accidental or intentional access to the container contents.

Order Information

Order CodeDescriptionShip CaseHCPCS*
8508SAIN-ROOM™ Container with SHARPSTAR™ Lift-Assisted Lid 5 Qt, Clear20

8509SAIN-ROOM™ Container with SHARPSTAR™ Lift-Assisted Lid 5 Qt, Transparent Red20

8509ACIN-ROOM™ Container with SHARPSTAR™ Lift-Assisted Lid 5 Qt, Transparent Red5

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Features and Benefits

Forced Horizontal DropMaximizes container capacity
Anti-kickback featurePrevents sharps from exiting the container
Shuts off when fullPrevents overfilling
"FULL" signSignifies that container has reached capacity
Locking Tabs on top of lidHands are away from contents of container during final closure
Molded HandlesSecure transport
NestableSaves inventory space

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the composition of the sharps containers?100% polypropylene
What do the containers emit when incinerated?The containers burn clean, emitting only carbon dioxide and water vapors.
Are these containers autoclavable?Yes