Dover™ Advantage Drainage Bags

The Dover™ Advantage drainage bag features a sampling port, anti-reflux device, and drain spout.

Order Information

Order CodeDescriptionShip CaseHCPCS*
PABDover™ Advantage Drainage Bag Poly Bag, Sampling Port, Anti-Reflux Device and Drain Spout 20A4357
PADover™ Advantage Drainage Bag Sampling Port, Anti-Reflux Device and Drain Spout 20A4357

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Features and Benefits

Next Generation Venting SystemState-of-the-art materials promoting improved flow performance and improved clinical performance wet or dry.
SAFEGUARD™ Sample PortOSHA compatible needleless self-sealing sample port reduces the likelihood of closed system contamination.
MONO-FLO™ Anti-Reflux DeviceProvides gross reflux without restricting system flow.
SPLASHGUARD™ Drain SpoutProvides accurate, one-handed drainage while reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination. Enhanced 45 degree pedestal ensures vertical position during use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a plastic component on the back of the drain spout?We have added a 45 degree angle pedestal port that maximizes ease of use by always ensuring vertical positioning and reduces the likelihood of touch contamination.
Does the SAFEGUARD™ Sample Port comply with OSHA standards to reduce the risk of needlesticks in the workplace?Yes. The Needleless feature and self-sealing sample port complies with OSHA Blood borne Pathogens and Needlestick Prevention Standards
I can’t see the white MONO-FLO™ anti-reflux device. Does this new system have an anti-reflux device?Yes. In an effort to improve functionality and flow rates, an improved material was used that changed the color of the device from white to clear.