SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ features 2 tape tabs, a soft top sheet, super-absorbent polymer for moderate absorbency and high performance blue dryness strip for added comfort and protection.

Order Information

Order CodeDescriptionShip CaseHCPCS*
63023Adult Briefs with Dry Strip Medium 32" - 44" (81.3 cm - 111.8 cm)96T4522
63024Adult Briefs with Dry Strip Large 45" - 58" (114.3 cm - 147.3 cm)72T4523
63025Adult Briefs with Dry Strip X-Large 59" - 64" (149.9 cm - 162.6 cm)60T4524

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Features and Benefits

CCF™ Technology Customized Comfort Fit ensures a precision, comfortable fit. Higher leg cut-outs provide an underwear-like look and feel for an improved, customized fit. "Gasketing Effect" around waist, groin, outer leg assures improved fluid management. Less plastic means less heat build-up; more air contact with skin.
UNI-TAB™ TechnologySingle oversized tab per side for easy on/off handling.
ACM™ TechnologyAnatomically Contoured Mat ensures a customized fit and improved fluid management. Co-mingled SAP/Fluff provides improved skin wellness and odor-controlling protection. High performance blue dryness strip for drier skin and minimized skin irritation. Diamond Linear Channeling provides improved fluid management.
Improved Quality of LifeLeakage protection helps ensure reduced "accidents". Odor control for personal pride. Comfortable fit contributes to a more normalized lifestyle. Keeping the skin dry improves skin wellness. Ease of use for both the wearer and caregiver. Dignified solution for incontinence care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D™?3D™ is Kendall's newest technologies in adult briefs. Combining advanced design and development elements, Kendall's 3D™ provides a dignified solution for incontinence care.
What are some of the most notable characteristics of SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™?SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ uses the UNI-TAB™ fastening system, with one oversized tab per side for easy on/off handling. SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™'s CCF™ (Customized Comfort Fit) provides a higher leg cut-out, that improves fit and ensures more skin is exposed for greater air contact. SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™'s ACM™ (Anatomically Contoured Mat) offers improved fluid management, keeping skin drier and resulting in improved outcomes.
When should SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ be recommened?SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ provides outstanding performance at a mid-tier price, and is a great option for any facility. SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ provides outstanding fluid management capabilities, keeps the skin dry, and reduces odor.
How many sizes is SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ available in?SIMPLICITY™ PLUS 3D™ is available in size Medium (32" - 44"), size Large (45" - 58") and size XLarge (59" - 64").